Fort Hood Spouses’ Club Frequently Asked Questions on Membership.

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Membership dues are $30 dollars per person per year. You have a few options for submitting your application. You may mail a completed application to the club, fill out an application at any club event. However you may chose to join, please email Membership at so we can put you on our prospective member list. Our prospective member list receives upcoming luncheon invitation emails.  We wouldn’t want you to miss the monthly luncheon/member ship meeting before you are an official member!

Mail an application

FHSC Membership Registration form

Membership dues are $30 per person for the year. FHSC incurs operating costs for such things as flyers, applications, other printing costs, office supplies, and membership materials. Membership dues also subsidize the cost of event space rental for our monthly luncheons. You do receive membership materials when you pay your dues. 

Unfortunately no. Because membership dues provide for a large portion of operating expenses, we cannot refund dues without impacting our outreach efforts. We understand that military life is ever changing and you may encounter a PCS or retirement. We are sorry for this inconvenience. 

Membership is valid for the current board year dated June 1st to May 31st. Membership will expire on May 31st of the current board year regardless of when you joined. Each spouse must rejoin the following board year. We hold our kick off membership event in late August or early September each year.

Please bear with us if you sent your application through the mail. It must be received, processed by our corresponding secretary, and then disseminated to one of the membership chairs. We normally receive mail 2-3 times a month at various events. If it has been 2 weeks since you mailed it, please contact the membership chairs at We will work together to provide a status update on your application.

In order to minimize the transaction fees associated with credit cards, we have decided to accept only checks or cash for membership dues. Thank you for your understanding.


In recent years, the club has experienced an increase in fees for the use of event space for our monthly luncheons. Rather than raising luncheon prices, we have tried to better manage the excess expense of no-show reservations. What does this mean for you?

If you RSVP for a luncheon and fail to cancel according to policy, the club is still responsible for the cost of your reservation. Therefore you are still responsible for your luncheon fee. Current luncheon RSVP policy states: Cancellations must be made with Reservations chair by no later than the RSVP deadline or you will still be held financially responsible for the luncheon fee. Luncheons cost $15 and can be paid with cash, check, or charge on the day of the luncheon. Deadline for luncheon RSVP will be the Friday before the luncheon. Contact reservations at Please note: Only children 6 months or younger are allowed at the luncheons.

If you apply in person, you will receive your membership materials and a hard copy receipt. If you apply via the mail, you will receive an email from Membership, Reservations, or both. All new members regardless of application method will receive an email from Membership welcoming them to the official roster. These are usually sent within a week of the monthly luncheon. Depending on the timing of your application, the first email you receive may be a Luncheon RSVP invite from Reservations. If you applied via the mail, please notify the membership co-chairs at your first event so they can provide you with your membership materials.

We would love for your friends to become members! We are open to all spouses who meet our eligibility criteria. Criteria can be found here.  Your  friend may accompany you to any Luncheon and apply in person if eligible. There is a designation on the Luncheon RSVP invite for Guests/Prospective Members. Guests/Prospective Members are subject to the same luncheon costs as members. Prospective Members can also apply via mail.

If they do not meet the eligibility requirements, each guest may attend one luncheon per FHSC year (Sep-May) as a guest as stated in the Constitution. You can RSVP for them. They will be subject to the same luncheon costs as members.

FHSC Constitution Article IV Section 5

Any spouses eligible or ineligible for membership in the FHSC may attend only one membership meeting program as a guest of a member. They may attend subsequent meetings by becoming a member. The Honorary President, Advisor, and the President, with the approval of the FHSC Board, may, in the interest of community relations, issue invitations for special occasions to members of the local communities.

We do not provide information on a per person request. For example, you cannot email membership and ask for Sally Smith’s email or phone number.  We do however provide a yearly member directory to each member as part of your membership materials. You may request to have any or all of your information excluded from the directory.