Thank you for your interest in joining the Fort Hood Spouses’ Club!

You are eligible for membership if you meet any of the following criteria:

Anyone residing in the Fort Hood area is eligible to join the Club.

 a. Active Members shall pay dues, have the privilege to vote, may hold elected or appointed offices, and participate in all FHSC activities, including committees. Active members shall be defined as:

      1) All Spouses and Family Members age 18 and above of US Military ID cardholders and US-Sponsored Foreign and Internationals, Spouses and Family Members age 18 and above of DoD Civilian ID cardholders.

      2) All Surviving Spouses of US Military ID and Civilian cardholders. All Surviving Spouses will retain the same privileges as aforementioned but WILL NOT have to pay dues.

b.  Associate Members shall pay dues and enjoy all the rights and privileges of Active Members with the exception that they may not serve in an elected or appointed board position but may serve on committees as a members of as a co-chair. Associate members shall be defined as:

      1) Any person age 18 and above who does not possess a US Military ID card of DoD Civilian card.

      2)  The number of Associate Members shall not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the active membership.

c.   Honorary Membership may be extended at the pleasure of the FHSC Executive and General Board to distinguished individuals who have been supportive and involved in the coordination of military and civilian life and to other distinguished persons. Honorary Membership shall reside with the honoree for one (1) membership year (August – May). Acceptance is at the review and discretion of the Board. Honorary Membership in this section does not refer to the Honorary Presidents.

      1) Honorary Members shall have no vote, nor hold office, nor shall be required to pay dues.

      2) Honorary Membership may be declined in favor of active membership should the honoree wish to serve on the board and the honoree is eligible to do so.

      3) A roster of Honorary Members shall be maintained by the 1st Vice President and will be updated and reviewed annually by the Executive Board.

     4) The number of honorary memberships shall not exceed two percent (2%) of the active membership.

Membership dues are $30 dollars per person per year. You have a few options for submitting your application. You may mail a completed application to the club or complete an application at any club event. However you may chose to join, please email Membership at so we can put you on our prospective member list. Our prospective member list receives upcoming luncheon invitation emails.  We wouldn’t want you to miss the monthly luncheon/member hip meeting before you are an official member!

Mail an application

 Please print form FHSC Membership Registration form and mail to:

  ATTN: Membership
  PO Box 5982
  Fort Hood, TX 76544

Fill out an application at a Club event

The most common events are our monthly luncheons, but you may join at any event hosted by the club. Applications will be available from the Membership Chair at all events. Payment can be made with cash, check, or credit card when paying in person.  Please note: We are subject to credit card fees just like a business. Beyond our charitable giving, we must also maintain and pay operating expenses. If you can, please pay with cash or check to save us a fee. Thanks!


Fill out an application online and email application to:

Fillable FHSC Membership Application

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