The purpose of the FHSC shall be to bring together members of kindred interest in order that they may be afforded greater opportunity for charitable works, sociability, participation in such activities and projects as the FHSC may promote or sponsor and to donate to other non-profit organizations to further the significant advancement of the quality of life of military families and the surrounding Fort Hood Community.

Members look forward to our social and cultural events, are committed to our charitable endeavors and develop friendships that ultimately reach far beyond Fort Hood. Affiliation with our organization allows you to find a mentor ..... or be a mentor! Join forces with an inspirational, diverse, and supportive group of Military Spouses!

Please visit the other pages on our website to acquaint yourself with our calendar, special event and activities, our board, and discover how we give back to the community through our community outreach.

Our newsletter, "The Better Half", this web site, and our Facebook page helps keep members informed on current social and charitable activities.

FHSC Board

Meet our 2019 - 2020 FHSC Board


Constitution and Bylaws

The Fort Hood Spouses' Club Constitution and Bylaws are the governing documents for the FHSC.


Auxiliary Clubs

FHSC Auxiliary clubs are informal groups of FHSC members who meet periodically for a common interest.